Health and Wellness for Parents and Teens

The rise in inflammatory diseases, chronic diseases, mental disorders and obesity in children and adolescents has created a worldwide focus on prevention starting as early as birth. Along with the social disconnection that this generation experiences, it is no surprise that today’s youth are at a clear disadvantage.

Childhood is a critical stage where habits are formed, and cells create memories that can determine future risk for disease.

Our Lifestyle Medicine programs, which include health and wellness coaching combined with culinary medicine coaching, will provide you and your child with the tools to reach their optimal wellbeing which will last a lifetime.

Lifestyle Medicine Coaching for Parents

Our Health and Wellness Lifestyle Medicine Coaching program for Parents will provide the essential tools and guidance for you to help your children establish sustainable healthy habits to enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing into adulthood. Our 8-week individual sessions are focused on evidence-based lifestyle medicine pillars tailored to your child’s age, including intuitive eating and culinary medicine coaching, physical movement, stress management, avoidance of risky substances, restorative sleep and positive social connections and relationships.

You will find that developing these habits early in life will benefit your child’s mindfulness as well as facilitate proper digestion, make healthy choices, improve sleep and mood, and decrease their susceptibility to illness.

Lifestyle Medicine Coaching for Teens

Our teen program will empower your child to create sustainable habits leading to a physically and emotionally healthy life as well as longevity. During our 8-week individual health and wellness coaching sessions, we will focus on scientific evidence-based approaches on nutritional health, physical movement, stress management and resilience, sleep health, mindfulness, and social connectivity. Your teen will learn self-care, how to overcome challenging situations during this stage of life, how to have control over their personal health and well-being through easy-to-follow lifestyle changes, replacing unhealthy behaviors with positive behaviors.

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