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Let’s Meet Our Specialist

Welcome to HealthView Lifestyle Institute! I am Dr. Karla, an internationally licensed Lifestyle Medicine physician and public health specialist, with a passion for guiding and educating patients towards preventing, treating and reversing chronic disease. I have treated patients and taught lifestyle medicine to healthcare providers in over 14 countries and I understand the needs of diverse communities around the world.

I am a certified culinary medicine coach, health & wellness coach, and certified Positive Discipline educator with a holistic lifestyle medicine coaching approach. I will be your ally in your journey helping you identify and overcome obstacles through positive psychology and evidence-based strategies, while empowering you to take the lead in your own path towards a sustainable long lasting healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Lifestyle Medicine Coaching - Dr. Karla Arancibia headshot

Dr. Karla Arancibia

Lifestyle Medicine Expert
Health & Wellness and Culinary Medicine Coach
Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator

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