Dr. Karla Arancibia

  • Lifestyle Medicine Expert

  • Health and Wellness & Culinary Medicine Coach
  • Positive Discipline Educator
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Karla Arancibia

Lifestyle Medicine Expert, Health and Wellness & Culinary Medicine Coach, Positive Discipline Educator.

As an internationally trained physician, I have learned how lifestyle plays a critical role in preventing, treating, and even reversing chronic diseases. Helping others has always been my passion and after serving on several medical missions overseas, I found an interest in creating prevention programs and seeking a better solution for the pain and suffering that many patients undergo when living with chronic diseases. I became a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and later a founder and member of the Latin American Lifestyle Medicine Association.

As an expert in health promotion and disease prevention with a Master’s in Public Health from Florida International University and a fellowship in clinical research from Cleveland Clinic, I have researched and put into practice methods that will improve patients’ health worldwide.

Some of my most recent work in Lifestyle Medicine includes:

  • Faculty member at Harvard Medical School, Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Center for Clinicians CHEF Coaching Program in Culinary Medicine Coaching.
  • Member of the Nutrition Advisory Committee of Diet ID program created by Dr. David Katz
  • Co-founder of Lifestyle Medicine Centers where the foundations of Lifestyle Medicine are implemented in every area of medical specialties embracing the joint work of health and wellness coaches with physicians to reach the best outcome for individuals in their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.
  • Guest Professor at the University Ricardo Palma (Lima, Peru), director of the culinary medicine curriculum and health and wellness coaching curriculum in the 1st internationally accredited course in Lifestyle Medicine specialty for clinicians, teaching over 100 medical health professionals in over 14 countries.
  • Co-author of the Fundamentals in Lifestyle Medicine.
  • Iberoamerican Telehealth and Telemedicine Association member and leader of nutrition and lifestyle medicine chapters
  • Speaker at several medical symposiums on specialized topics of Lifestyle Medicine including ELMO (European Lifestyle Medicine Organization) and LALMA (Latin American Lifestyle Medicine Association).
  • Guest speaker on local and international radio and TV programs, MegaTV and Univision.
  • Walk With a Doc leader in several chapters including Parkland, Florida. and the first on in Lima, Peru.

A personalized integrative approach

My training in Lifestyle Medicine together with Health and Wellness Coaching and Culinary Medicine Coaching from Harvard Medical School allows me to offer a unique perspective with a scientific evidence-based approach while valuing the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection to health and well-being. Our Child Wellness programs are designed to optimize the emotional and physical wellbeing in childhood for a sustainable change and better future in their adult life. The addition of Positive Discipline provides parents with the tools and skills for their child’s social-emotional wellness, an important pillar of Lifestyle Medicine.

As a health and wellness expert and culinary medicine coach, I use an individualized approach to help you explore and establish a vision of your own health and wellness looking at your well-being from various dimensions including physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and social health.

I will walk together with you through your journey allowing you to create your own wellness map, empowering you to create and maintain behavioral changes in sleep, stress management, healthy eating, physical activity, relationships, and environment to reach a long-term lasting lifestyle change for your health and wellbeing. At Healthview Lifestyle Institute, I also collaborate with your physicians to help you reach your health goals, by working as your ally, to explore the root cause of your disease and cultivate habits that will enhance your own wellbeing.

Dr. Karla Arancibia with tomato in hand
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