Health and Wellness Coaching

Reach your optimal health and well-being through individualized or group coaching sessions. As a facilitator of mindset and behavior change, I will help you develop and implement a realistic wellness plan based on incremental steps in order to obtain a sustainable lifelong change. We will establish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic and Time sensitive) goals through an evaluation of your motivators, obstacles and strengths.

Whether you seek to prevent, treat or reverse chronic disease, manage stress, or live an emotionally and physically healthier life, our coaching sessions are personalized to your needs. I also work with all members of your health care team and can offer a personalized set of recommendations that you and your primary care physician can implement together to achieve your health goals.

Individual Health and Wellness Coaching Sessions

We offer individual sessions on a 12-week program, in which ​we meet once a week online, in person, or video call. Single maintenance sessions are also available once you have completed the program.

Group Health and Wellness Coaching Sessions

We meet once a week for 45 minute sessions online, you can connect by computer or by phone. Group coaching creates a rich environment and benefits through the sharing of experiences which offer support and connectivity. The coach leads the sessions allowing for everyone to work on their goals, identify obstacles, and celebrate successes.

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