GPS for the soul – Making Stress Work for You!

Smiling young woman enjoying relaxing

Without a doubt, stress is highly contagious, who we listen to, and our self-talk impact how we respond to triggers or stressors, whether real or imagined. Our body’s Sympathetic Nervous System’s “fight or flight” response is very quick in reacting against an acute stressor, it prepares our body by releasing hormones to help us think […]

Hypertension and Brain Health

Plasticine human brain and heart sitting on a bench in park and holding hands.

Our body is a connection of systems that work coordinated from our cells to our organs. Two such important systems are the cardiovascular and neurological systems – more commonly known as heart and brain, respectively. Research shows that hypertension, or high blood pressure, can be a crucial factor in cognitive deterioration starting as early as […]

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